Lessons from the Shot: Rule of Thirds

By George Hsia, www.georgehsia.com


Figure 1
Here is a useful guide to help you compose a nice picture almost every time.
Try not to put your subject right in the middle of the photo. It tends to freeze the eye to the center of the frame, not allow it to flow through the composition.
In your mind, divide the picture area into thirds, both horizontally and vertically (see above).
Place the most important part of your picture, your subject, at one of the four places where the guide lines cross. Your subject of interest should look or appear to be moving toward the center of the picture.
Arrange your photo so that the horizon is on the top or lower one-third guideline. The horizon is line where the sky meets the land.
The eye should flow gracefully from the subject to different areas of the frame for better communication. Try it, you’ll like it.