About Us

We must have seen billions of photos, from all over the world, through the spectrum of 200 years of photography: from newspapers, magazines, photo wire services, from the web, from negatives, slides, and terabits of digital files, including glass plates negatives and conventional fiber prints. But the most compelling photos we’ve seen are those that are a witness to history. 

Those are the lasting images that define who we are and where we’ve come. Yes, we also love nature photos and enjoy family and wedding photos for the glimpse of laughter from a time gone by. 

We are intrigued by the complexities of fashion images, where grace and beauty remain in frozen moments and are entertained by the juxtaposition of life as humor.  Yet, most photos we’ve seen from aspiring photographers are simply a visual record of where they’ve been. They are not the most memorable photos that cause us to imagine being there, to visually taste the situation, the land and the environment. 

We are left with a hunger for something different. But what if each photo you make can tell us a story? It could be simple. Or it could be dynamic. But it should touch our eyes in way that cause us to react….or at best, take action.

WeArePhotographers.com has been designed by photographers for photographers to help “Elevate Your Talent”. We will have monthly contests in many different categories with significant prizes, judged by experienced professional photographers; a wide range of educational tools and extensive social network where you will interact with and learn from your peers. Our contest will uniquely provide frequent opportunities to participate and win large monthly prizes for each of our 10 categories. Annually, there will be a grand prize of significant value. Our profession Council of Photography includes a Pulitzer Prize Photography judge, several Pulitzer Prize photo contest winners, several university professors teaching photography, and a former photography editor of National Geographic magazine. To help you further improve your photography WaP offers a monthly “Photo Gauntlet™” where a selected photograph will have an on-line review by a professional photographer from our Council of Photographers. 

We will use our philosophy of “The Scene, The Shot and The Shop: A Holistic View of Photography” to evaluate and improve the photographs. Please join us on this passion…this adventure to learn more about photography and elevate our talents everyday. 

Also, as an introductory gift, we are giving away an eBook on Travel Photography. Please visit the sidebar on the home page to register and download “Digital Photography Portfolio” (a $9.95 value).