Gary Fong


Chief Photography Officer


Gary Fong is the Principal of Genesis Photo Agency. Genesis is a group of professional photographers with a dream of elevating the effectiveness of photography in evangelical and secular publications around the world.

Fong is also the Chief Photography Officer of, a new website dedicated to educating and advancing photography for professional and enthusiasts alike.

He is the former Director of Editorial Graphics Technology at the San Francisco Chronicle. Among many advanced technological projects he deployed, remote digital photo coverage and graphic wireless transmissions from the field, virtual private network communications with access to the text and editing mainframe, satellite voice and data communications in the Mid East, and electronic photo and text archive.

Fong joined the San Francisco Chronicle in 1975 as a Staff Photographer. He received countless awards for his groundbreaking coverage in the bay area. In 1987, he was promoted to the Director of Photography. In 1994, he was again promoted to the Director of Editorial Graphics Technology.

Fong’s coverage includes, 1989 Loma Prieta 7.1 Earthquake in San Francisco, St. Helens Volcano Eruption, Washington, Pope John Paul II, Visit to San Francisco, and the Assassination Attempt on President Gerald Ford.

His awards and recognitions include the Lifetime Achievement Award, Southern Short Course; Jurist for the Pulitzer Prize; Judge for the National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year; twice California Press Photographers Association, Photographer of the Year; five times winner of the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association, McLaughlin Award, Photographer of the Year; Instructor of Photojournalism, University of California at Berkeley, and San Francisco State University; President of Christians in Photojournalism.