Andy Shafer


Vice President of Product Development co-founder, Andy Shafer, serves the company as Vice President of Product Development. With more than 16 years of experience in photography and Web site development, Andy also has an extensive background in business management, strategies, and development.

As a Special Projects Controller, Andy co-founded an energy company, Asher-Pulver- Bain Energy Group, LLC, with the primary purpose of developing renewable energy and related projects while assisting new energy firms in becoming viable energy producers. In that same arena, he worked as the CFO and Art Director for the Congress for the New Urbanism and CFO of Energy Transportation Systems, Inc.

More recent projects focused on retail product packaging, where Andy coordinated five major product line launches in the past three years.

Previously he founded Premier Publishing Inc., an international publishing company. Andy functioned as the CFO and COO, offering financial guidance and setting corporate policy. At the same time, he supervised creative development of graphic design and photography selection for International Entertaining magazine.

From 1985 to 1990, Andy Shafer consulted in the field of graphic design through his company Premier Design and served as Creative Director and Designer for several national publications. He was a leader in introducing computer technology to the publishing community of Northern California. Being a strong advocate for the use of computer technology as a tool for the designer, Mr. Shafer brought this new technology to such companies as Wine Country Magazine, Inc., International Explorations Stratagem Consultants, and Valerie Mayer Research & Development.

Throughout his successful career in publishing, Andy Shafer has maintained his interest in photography and Web site and graphic design, honing his own skills and guiding the talents of associates. He worked as a photographer in 1983 for Diablo Country Magazine and as a free-lance photographer on various photographic projects.

In furthering his interest in the arts, Andy created and supports two nonprofit organizations: the Museum of Modern Photography and Shakespeare Illustrated.

Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree from the California College of Arts with a minor in business.

Aldus PageMaker competition for Magazine Design
Ozzie Award for Design Excellence
Printing Award for Excellence from Ringier America