Lesson from the Scene: Are you passionate about something?


 by Stanley Leary

Figure 1
If you are passionate about a topic and are a communicator--I challenge you to create a blog. The whole process will make you a better communicator for your clients. Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion.
I enjoy making connections with people.  While I struggle with the social skills to connect with folks, my wife thrives in making connections.
Over the years I have discovered my gift of telling stories and teaching. Teaching seems to be my best gift.  I am not sure if I am a good teacher because I know how to get the message across (from years as a journalist) or my obsessive-compulsive behavior. 
Maybe it is a little of both.  I don’t like giving up and will work at being sure. If a person wants to understand something, I will work at it until I find a way to help them understand my point.
I’ve been thinking about connecting with audiences. I bought an iPad this week because one of my clients has started to issue these to their people to use.  I found out that I needed to be sure the work I was producing was working on it. 
This was a difficult buy for me to do. I would have rather bought a tablet that played flash files so that everything that is on the web would work on the device. But the reason I was buying the iPad was to ensure that my audience was getting the messages I was creating.
There are other things that I’ve learned to do to insure I’d connect with an audience. A few years ago I dipped my toes into blogging.  I learned how to post a photo, video and text.
In the past few months I decided to dive into blogging.  I am posting three times a week and slowly building a larger audience.  I am using analytics to see how often my blogs are viewed.  From the analytics, I can see how long someone watches a slide show.  
Do they watch all of it on average?  I am doing the same now with videos.
The analytics show me that more and more of the audience is using smart phones and tablets to view my blog. 
My blog continues to change with images that are viewable on multiple devices, like the iPad and iPhone.  I’m finding more folks are returning to read the posts because of the universal access.
I am also fascinated as to what things are more popular than others.  If I post a how to article with a list of points I know it will get a better audience than just a photo with a small caption on something I saw.  It’s also true with videos
My top blog postings of all time are here in descending order:
  • Variety is the spice of life 1,010 Pageviews
  • Jealousy, Selfish Ambition & Envy 760 Pageviews
  • How to be critiqued 385 Pageviews
  • Good photographers play... 374 Pageviews
  • Three Stages of Composition 343 Pageviews
My top videos are:
  • Learning to see light 2,016 views
  • Café Justo (Just Coffee) 523 views
I like seeing how I am connecting to the world. Because I am blogging three times a week, I now understand things that I didn't before.  I understand how difficult it is for my clients to connect with their audience. 
My challenge is simple for those involved in communications, if you are not creating content for a passion of yours, where no one has to approve of your material, how are you going to be to help your clients?  I believe every professional communicator needs to create a blog.  The exercise will help you be more valuable to your clients.